Electronic data interchange as a service for automotive suppliers

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Why choose ClouEDI

80 % of processes are present for automotive environment, remaining 20 % depends on your specific requirements.

We resolve requirements by the next day.

We provide support in four shifts and several world languages. You will be taken care of by one particular specialist.

Transparent service
Fulltext search and view of information is provided in legible and well-arranged form. Conversion is written in XSLT, a platform portable to other solutions.

ISDN will be disconnected in just


ClouEDI enables to communicate through modern and technologically advanced communication standards
(if you are looking for an on-premise solution, try to visit

Simple and transparent price list

No limit of transferred messages count

Project management and support in English

20 years of EDI experience

Quick and efficient transition thanks to prepared standard solutions. More information to be found e.g. here

ClouEDI solution was implemented at the HÖDLMAYR company within six weeks

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

EDI as a service in automotive industry

The world of EDI communication changes rapidly under the growing pressure for integration and flexibility. Your task, as a supplier to automotive industry, is to keep focusing on what earns your daily bread. The production. Let us take care of all matters related to integration and exchange of messages. We have been focusing on EDI communication for twenty years already. We know AS2, OFTP2, VAN protocols, and VDA, EDIFACT, ANSI X12 standards in details. And at the same time we can integrate the EDI messages into your ERP system. Everything has been prepared, you needn’t solve anything. Such an offer may be promised by almost anybody, though. If you are interested in differences of cooperation with us, continue reading.


We think of enterprise processes in a context of entire production company, from its receiving gate, to shipment, including connections to your suppliers and customers. And we apply the same global view to the area of electronic communication. That is why we decided to offer you the ClouEDI solution, which has in contrast to other commonly provided EDI services further possibilities and features:


ClouEDI Services

They are independent services, aspiring to make you work easy and pleasant as much as possible. We reduce risks arising in related processes.

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We help big companies to connect smaller suppliers. And for smaller suppliers we open a way to the EDI world.

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